Distribution Transformers

250 KVA TO 10 MVA | 11 KV & 33 KV Voltage Class

IS: 2026, BS – 171, IEC-76, IEC-726 & BIS-1180

Distribution Transformer


POWER is a name known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of Distribution Transformers, Rolling Contact Type Automatic Voltage Controllers, Electroplating and Chemical Process Rectifiers and Special Purpose Transformers . The Systems are designed and supervised by a team of qualified engineers with more than 39 years of experience to provide best possible quality to total customer’s satisfaction.

Product Range

Power & Distribution Transformers 63 KVA to 10 MVA in 11 & 33 KV Voltage class.


Power Transformers were designed and tested as per IS: 2026, BS – 171, IEC-76, IEC-726 & BIS-1180.

Vector Group

Transformers will be connected as per vector group reference Dyn11. Other vector groups can be offered as per specific requirements

Temperature Rise

Power transformers are designed for a maximum temperature rise of 50/55degree c of oil/winding. Lower temperature rise can be offered on request.

Terminal Arrangement

H.V. – Bare Bushings or Cable Box, L.V.-Bare Bushings or Cable Box. Disconnecting Chambers can also be provided on both HV and LV Cable Boxes

Accessories (Optional)

Distribution Transformers

Standard Fittings

Standard Fittings

Superior Features of Power Make Distribution Transformer


The core is constructed from low loss, cold rolled, grain oriented, annealed laminations of electrical sheet steel conforming to the latest international standards. Special frame is built in-house for clamping the core to reduce the magnetic noise as well as making the whole structure rigid and robust.


Pre-compressed Board PARMALI Board and JAPANEESE insulation paper of best quality is used.


Coils are wound with electrolytic high conductivity paper covered or synthetic enameled copper conductors. Cooling ducts are provided to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible. Coils are dried in electric ovens. Rigid connection support and coil clamping is provided to ensure high short circuit strength.


A. OFF CIRCUIT TAP CHANGING SWITCH Tappings from +5% to -5% in steps of 2.5% for HV variation or as per customer’s requirement.
B. ON LOAD TAP CHANGER Tapping range as per specific requirements can be offered. OLTC for remote /auto/parallel operation can also be offered.


Oil is tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristic conforming to IEC -296 / IS-335. Before topping up, oil is filtered thoroughly.


The Tanks are made of M.S.Steel Plates /Sheets with adequate bracing & stiffners. Tanks are pressure tested to withstand any type of inside or outside pressure. All the external surfaces are given a primary coat of zinc chromate, red oxide and two finishing coats of grey paint. The inner surfaces are given a coat of heat and oil resisting paint.


All the external surfaces are given a primary coat of red oxide and two finishing coats of paint. Paints and enamel varnish used confirm to IS :104 & 2932.


All POWER Transformers undergo rigorous quality control checks and are routine tested as per IS in our fully equipped laboratory. Any specific test required by the customer can also be arranged.


All gaskets used for making oil tight joins to be with cork as base banded by oil resisting synthetic material or rubber. Neoprene rubber is used for oil tight joints for HV & LV Terminals. The Gaskets conforms to IS: 4253, Part –II -1980 (Reaffirmed 1999) NC 777, RC 70C.


Following arrangements are provided : (a) H.V.-Bare or cable box bushings (b) L.V.-Bare or cable box bushings, disconnecting chambers can also be provided on both HV & LV cable boxes. Bushing conforms to IS:3347,2099, HV/LV Bushing Terminals of Brass /Copper conformers to IS:3347 Section – II metal part.

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